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Sequencing Prepared Libraries on Illumina's MiSeq

MiSeq Sequencing kit Approximate output UT-clients Non-UT Academic Commercial
version 2, 50 cycle (2x25) 750-850 MB $1230 $1280 $1380
version 2, 300 cycle (2x150) 4-5 Gb $1440 $1490 $1590
version 2, 500 cycle (2x250) 7-8 Gb $1560 $1610 $1710
version 3, 150 cycle (2x75) 2-3 Gb $1305 $1355 $1455
version 3, 600 cycle (2x300) 13-15 Gb $1900 $1950 $2050

We can prepare your library for you or you can provide us with libraries ready to be loaded directly on the MiSeq.  Contact us at for consultation and pricing of library preparation.  Most libraries will require a run on the Bioanalyzer to check for quality and concentration.  The cost for this run is one hour of labor plus the cost of the Bioanalyzer chip, which is shared between users when possible.

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