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Sanger Sequencing

Full service Sanger sequencing reactions are begun at 11:00.  Samples that are quantified and in the lab by that time should be processed with results emailed to the client by approximately noon the following day.  "Load only" sequencing samples need to be in the lab by 3:00 for next day results.  All other services are performed on a first come, first served basis.

Electronic sequencing results for Sanger sequencing are sent via email as .ab1 or .seq files.  The .seq file is an unedited text file used mostly for blasting into available databases.  The .ab1 file is the Applied Biosystems electropherogram (chromatogram) file that is generated using ABI's Sequencing Analysis Software.  There are many downstream applications that are available for use in the manipulation of the generated sequencing files.  The software Sequencher (GeneCodes) is available through the Genomics Core for installation on personal computers, allowing you to view, edit, and align multiple sequencing sample results files. 

Next Gen Sequencing (MiSeq)

Data produced by the MiSeq can be accessed through Illumina's BaseSpace Cloud and Onsite Bioinformatics System.  Visit for more information.


Affymetrix GeneChip processing takes several days to complete before we can scan the resulting chips for expression.  The actual reading of the chips only takes minutes in comparison.  Following the processing and reading of the Affymetrix GeneChips, an Analysis Console program will generate a report showing the gene expression of each chip.  That will be done in the lab, and you can take your data back with you for further analysis using the Affymetrix software available from their website.

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