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About our Services

The University of Tennessee Genomics Core is a self-supporting core facility specializing in the sequencing and analysis of DNA.  Core facility staff is available for consultation and training on Sanger Sequencing and Next Generation Sequencing, including project design. 

Sanger Sequencing is performed on Applied Biosystems 3730 Genetic Analyzer, a 48 capillary electrophoresis instrument for DNA sequencing or DNA fragment analysis.  The ABI 3730 allows users to differentiate between 5 colors for SNP analysis (AFLP, RFLP, microsatellites), allowing for 4 unknowns and a size standard to be run per well.

Next Generation Sequencing is performed on Illumina's MiSeq Sequencer. This machine is ideal for small genomes, amplicon sequencing, RNA Seq, and other targeted projects.  Libraries can be prepared by users or prepared in-house by Core facility staff. 

The Core houses an Affymetrix Gene Expression Instrument, which uses GeneChips to examine differential gene expression in a wide variety of cell types and tissues.  We also provide three different methods of DNA quantification, including Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100, Hoefer DynaQuant Fluorometer, and Thermo Scientific Nanodrop.  Other equipment available to Core users includes a Millipore Guava Easy Cyte 6HT-2L, which is a dual laser flow cytometer with a built-in 96-well sampler; a Diagenode Bioruptor Sonication System, with a cooling water bath capable of keeping temperatures at 4 degrees Celsius while sonicating; and a Sage Science Pippin Prep, used for electroelution of DNA fragments of specified sizes and is often used for Next Gen library prep. The lab also houses standard molecular lab equipment, such as thermal cyclers (PCR machines), centrifuges, heat blocks, and vortexes, available for university clients as backup if equipment fails in their own labs.

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